Mr Usman Aslam Malik

Ladies and Gentlemen


Dear Colleagues and friends from PAAPAM fraternity , I feel honoured for the confidence and trust posed by you . Our industry today faces numerous challenges and opportunities which will define the future for us. Changes are the only constant factor in our lives , and this holds true globally.

Usman Aslam Malik

Former Chairman – PAAPAM

Crisis being faced today by Car industry is spreading fast to other segments too.While we must fight for our industry, it is equally essential to make contingency plans for our companies.

My dear friends, if a vendor industry closes down due to lack of orders, we ourselves are to be partly blamed along with Government and buyers, because if we had kept all our eggs in one basket, we were not smart entrepreneurs.

Lets embrace the changes, and change our ways with changing trends. Pakistan’s after market is many times bigger than OEM market, how can we get our share out of it? Similarly, with inflation gripping the developed world, buyers are desperately looking for cheaper parts sources. Where do we fit in? It is time to start exploring!!

We promise you that PAAPAM will stand by you for all initiatives in these directions. May Allah Almighty give us Strength , wisdom and Courage to change the things for betterment of our country and our community.

Warm Regards,
Usman Aslam Malik
Former Chairman – PAAPAM


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