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My Dear PAAPAM members,

Letter of Thanks & Gratitude

Mr. Nabeel Hashmi

Former Chairman – PAAPAM

Ladies and Gentlemen:The process of change of PAAPAM Management, as per by-laws of the Association has been completed and the new Managing Committee headed by newly elected Chairman and Vice Chairman will take over the affairs with effect from 1st October 2012.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all PAAPAM Members for their kind assistance and cooperation that they extended to me during my tenure as Vice Chairman and Chairman. My special thanks, particularly to those friends, who were very kind enough and constantly kept in contact and advising me on the various issues relating to our Industry. My appreciation and thanks for the entire Executive Body and Conveners of all Standing Committees for their fullest support and cooperation in handling the day to day affairs of PAAPAM.

I am pleased to append below significant activities carried out during your current Managing committee’s term :-

PAAPAM members were refunded an amount of Rs.21,999,463/= in aggregate from Plum Qingqi against their stuck up payments.

The Pakistan Auto Parts Show (PAPS 2011) was organized at Lahore to introduce indigenized automotive components and latest developments achieved by manufacturers of cars, Tractors, Trucks / Busses and Two + Three Wheelers.

Consultative process towards Trade with India was carried out. Your association prepared and submitted to all relevant Govt. Departments a comprehensive ROAD MAP on MFN STATUS TO INDIA. This ROAD MAP is being followed by Ministry of Commerce in many way.

The association also negotiated our positions on the India specific Negative and sensitive lists. Auto sector currently hold over 75% weight-age in these lists which give our members a comfortable position over the next three years with regards to trade with India.

We negotiated and compelled the Government of Pakistan to reduce Sale Tax on Agriculture Tractors from 16% to 5 %. This gave a boost to tractor productions which had almost closed down.

Took initiative of sending Business Delegations to foreign countries as a part of “OUTWORD LOOKING” strategy. PAAPAM Delegations were managed to India, UAE and Germany. Apart from this over 40 companies participated in International trade fairs in USA, Germany, UAE, Italy and South Africa.

PAAPAM also was in the forefront to finalize the AIDP-II recommendations.

Annual Budgets recommendations were prepared and submitted

PAAPAM members affected by Sale Tax Flying Invoices Scam were assisted.

Your association has taken an exceptionally strong stand against imported used cars. This activity is still under process and we hope to achieve positive results soon.

Held various coaching Seminars for members with collaboration of CBI, SMEDA & JICA.

Kept close liaison with EDB, TDAP, MOI, MOC, and FBR & WTO Cell. Invited Deputy Chairman Planning Commission and Mr. Arvind Saxena Commercial Consular of India to Luncheon Meetings. Now we have very cordial relations with Diplomatic core in Islamabad, particularly with Indian High Commission, Embassy of Japan, Embassy of Germany and Embassy of China.

Upgraded PAAPAM Head office and Zonal Office in Karachi.

Convinced Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd. for revival of ALTO vehicle and took the case to MOC.

PAAPAM activities remained magnified in electronic and print media (Media Coverage emailed to all members on daily basis).

In the end I may not forget my Vice Chairman Mr. Munir K. Bana without who’s unending support the above would not have been possible. My special thanks to him.

I wish good luck to our new managing committee and its leadership and do hope that PAAPAM’s image shall further be enhanced in the days to come.

Thanking you all once again and with best regards,

Yours Sincerely,


Syed Nabeel Hashmi


2011 – 2012